Thursday, 8 March 2012

8 MAC 2012 : Special One

Assalamualaikum =) 

Its a long journey to remember. Every step, every beat, every second counted! No matter what, my heart is filled with (^_~)

Long..long times ago, we were stranger. Who you are? Who am i? We were nobody to each other. But now, you are da one and only I
♥ . Yeah, we are far apart since the beginning till this moment.. You were there, i'am here.. but it was not the cause that prevents us falling in love from time to time.  Alhamdulillah we are together for 7 years.  I NEED YOU because I YOU. A biigggg NO to I U because I NEED YOU. You knew it well my dear. =)  Step by step we proceed the journey. One step ahead for each time. InsyaAllah till Jannah.. Amin.. 

Happy 7th Anniversary My Dear Mr Chen. ♥ u lots. Thanx for being my side all this time. You are my superhero.. Wink..wink..

Nota Cinta ::: Pray for us. InsyaAllah. sila abaikan tatabahasa oh my english aku tuh. hahaha.


  1. 8 mac ek? same with my birthday...hihihi...hapi anniversary :)

    1. hehe.. aah, same ngn ur birthday.. lps ni sng la nk ingt ur birthday.. tp ingt je la.. kikikiki... ;p

  2. owwwhhhhhh... leh kene diabetis la baca kata2 ko... sweeeet sangat.. hahahhaaaaaa